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How To Organize Your Craft Space

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When you’re a crafter, you’ll need a space to craft in, especially if you craft as part of your business. Thanks to sites like Etsy, crafting has becoming a business for many people, and in fact more than seventy percent – nearly seventy five percent – of all people here in the United States consider their Etsy profiles and goods that they sell to be part of their businesses and not just a hobby. The vast majority of these people, more than ninety percent of them, also work from home.
And the typical American home has become synonymous with clutter, as the typical home has as many as three hundred thousand objects all throughout it. Though the average sized home in the United States has tripled in size over the last half of a century, many people still find that they struggle to organize all of their belongings. If you are in need of craft organization as a crafter, whether you do it for pleasure or profit or both, you’ll likely benefit from decluttering and utilizing storage furn

Bring More Style to Your Home with These 5 Driveway Design Tips

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It is no secret that making the outside of your home look better will up the way people view and make it easier to sell. Experts say that if you spend an amount that equals 5% of the home’s value on landscaping, the value of the home will go up by about 15%. According to Money Magazine, if you have your landscaping redone before you start the process of selling your home, you can get anywhere between 100andamp; and 200% more for your house. When many go about doing their remodel and landscaping jobs, they overlook the driveways. This is unfortunate because they are the first things people see from the street. Here are some landscape ideas for your driveway that can help your home look great.

  1. Work out the design of your driveway before you have it put in. A lot of homeowners see their driveway as only something to get your car from the street to the garage. When they are viewed that way, driveways are never seen as a real feature that can add style and even beauty to a h

5 Upgrades and Improvements Local Parks Should Consider When Renovating

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It seems more and more local parks and playgrounds are becoming neglected in favor of computers, phones and TVs. Kids still love to play, though. You just need to keep them excited, and we’ve compiled 5 ways local playgrounds can upgrade to get kids back, running and playing, and the parks full again.

1. Accessibility is Key

Historically, parks have been designed and constructed without accounting for folks with disabilities. It’s the responsibility of the person in charge of implementing the parks that playgrounds be made for all kids. Wheelchair swings, for example, make swinging an inclusive activity. Handicap accessible playgrounds are likely to draw more kids in based on accessibility alone.

2. Dog Parks

A sectioned-off dog park with a larger park can be an excellent way to bring families into the park along with their pets. Installing things like dog agility equipment kits can be fun and a good conversation started. Dog parks are excellent ad

5 Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

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When it comes to choosing your home’s interior style, it’s possible to get overwhelmed from the number of options at your disposal. The history of interior designs has come a long way, and its best told using some of the interior styles which have dominated over the years. Here are five different and most popular interior design styles you should know.
1.Modern Design This is one of the frequently used interior designs after contemporary style. The mid-century modern features iconic pieces, and clean lines with minimal fuss characterize it. In this style functionality precedes form, and it has minimal ornamentation.
To achieve a modern style, you need to blend different elements from other styles to ensure your home looks fresh. The secret here is to have a sense of simplicity when shopping for furniture and fixtures. Nothing is overb

The Best Crafting Room Storage

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If you love crafting, you’re probably like us: always searching for the best craft organizer. We’re full of craft furniture ideas, but the best craft organizer is a bit like the Holy Grail: everyone wants it, but it’s hard to find. It feels like there could always be something better! Perhaps the best craft organizer, in the end, is the one that works for you: whether that’s a 6 cube organizer, a 3 drawer desktop organizer, or simply cube shelf drawers put in the right place. If you’re looking for a great way to organize your space, here are some ideas for bringing some order to your crafting area.

Multifunctional Furniture

The first idea is to choose furniture that can be more than one thing. It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to maximizing space and efficiency while giving you genuinely useful space to accomplish tasks. Here are some useful items that might work f

Installing a safe in your business could protect your assets even when you aren’t there

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When you own a business there is nothing more important than keeping your documents, profits, and other significant forms and items safe even when you are not in the building. Considering that many businesses often have trouble with break-ins and stealing, business safes are changing the game and making it so that business owners both big and small are able to comfortably leave their buildings and not have to worry if their important assets will be there when they return the next day. Could installing business safes be the thing that helps you to sleep at night without worry of what you’ll come in to work to the very next day?
Reports show that nearly 90% of all break ins that occur are never solved. For a small business this could be what makes it so that your entire business falls through. Business safe products that are on the market are here to make it so that this is not something that you have to worry about. Even if your shop is broken into, with business safes installed,

Making a Plan Now will Help Make the Funeral Arrangement Process Easier Later

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Losing a loved one is never easy, but dealing with high funeral costs can make the process even more difficult. One way to help address these costs beforehand is to communicate a clear plan to your family regarding your funeral wishes.
According to the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2017 Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study, only 21.4 percent of respondents had shared their funeral wishes with their families, even though 62.5 percent reported that they thought it was important to communicate one’s plans prior to their own death.
This means that even though people believe that it’s important to make their funeral plans clear to their family beforehand, not very many people do. While it may be a difficult conversation to have at the time, it will make the process of planning a funeral go more smoothly in the long run.
One thing to consider when planning are the affordable cremation services that are available. If cremation is something that you are wanting to

What Is GreenDrop?

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What Is GreenDrop?
A GreenDrop donation center is a building that accepts charitable donation through the red cross. These red cross donations then make their way to individuals in need. As 3% of American income is given to charities each area, these GreenDrop centers makes donating an easy process. Red cross clothing donations can be dropped off at the GreenDrop centers, then the red cross donations are brought to various distribution centers. These GreenDrop centers makes used clothing donations incredibly simple to do. There are GreenDrops centers in many locations- it is easy to find one to contact today!
Too Many Clothes? Donate Today!
Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments a year. That roughly equals to 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per person or more than one piece of clothing purchased per week. With all of that excess, there

Finding the Right New Furniture

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A home has many different parts that make it functional, safe, and comfortable to live and work inside of. The roof should not leak, the walls need insulation to control the inner climate, windows and doors should be secure, and the heating and cooling system should be in good order. But a house is not really a home unless the interior decor, from wallpaper to carpeting to furniture, is all good quality and fits the homeowner’s tastes. Sometimes, furniture wears out, breaks, or goes out of fashion, and a homeowner can visit any furniture store to find something new. Rugs, table lamps, a loveseat, a mission dresser, and much more are out there for any budget, taste, or house size.

Working With Furniture

Furniture is more than just a chair or a bed that does not fall apart when sat upon. Any furniture store has a dazzling variety of pieces not just to show off their inventory, but because dressers, tables, shelving units, and more come in different sizes, prices, and functi

5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Prep School

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Many parents want their children to receive as much of an education as possible. In fact, statistics show that nearly 95% of students graduating from non parochial private high schools attend further education. Unfortunately, only 49% of public high school graduates will make this same decision. As a parent, it’s understandable to find that statistic a bit concerning. Therefore, it’s wise to consider thinking about prep school for your child. Considering that, here are five important advantages of having your child attend prep school.

  • An Environment Focusing on Parental Involvement
    It’s important for parents to be involved at where their children attend school. Therefore, you’ll want to find an educational environment that involves parents. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to find in most public school environments. However, this isn’t the case in most private schools. These schools place an emphasis on having parents involved in their children’