What Really Happens to Donated Clothing

Donations keep charitable businesses going, and there are a variety of ways that you can choose to donate to your favorite charity. You can choose to give your time, money, blood or you can donate goods to your favorite charity. Almost three-quarters of people in the U.S. donate to charities each year, and close to … [Read more…]

4 Popular Types of Commercial Playground Equipment

It’s important that parents ensure that their children are getting enough activity throughout the day. Unfortunately, statistics show that only an estimated 33% of children are able to reach a healthy level of daily activity which is only taking part in 25 minutes of high calorie burning activity three times per week. Consider that, you’ll … [Read more…]

Spend More Hours Gaming In the Comfort of a Cool Bean Bag Chair1

Remember when bean bag chairs first came out? While they may have seemed trendy at the time, comfy bean bag chairs continue to be loved by people of all ages. These cool bean bag chairs are an excellent place to sit or lounge while spending time with family and friends. They also create a comfortable … [Read more…]

Used Clothing Better to Donate Than to Throw Out

Americans own a lot of clothes and apparel. If you were to wander into your bedroom and start picking through your closet and drawers, it’s certain that you’d notice just how much you own. At face value, it might not seem that you own that many outfits, but think of how many you don’t wear … [Read more…]