4 Popular Types of Commercial Playground Equipment

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It’s important that parents ensure that their children are getting enough activity throughout the day. Unfortunately, statistics show that only an estimated 33% of children are able to reach a healthy level of daily activity which is only taking part in 25 minutes of high calorie burning activity three times per week. Consider that, you’ll likely find that both parents and children will be pleased to find commercial playground equipment at your location. With that in mind, here are four important types of commercial playground equipment to consider owning.

  1. Ball Pits

    A ball pit is one of the best parts of any commercial play area. Therefore, it’s likely that children will be overjoyed to see a ball pit while they are visiting the location of your business or organization. Statistics show that 66% of parents worry about their children wasting too much time on electronic devices. Considering that, a ball pit is a perfect solution to keep younger children off of their phones and tablets.
  2. Slides

    Commercial playground slides are extremely popular for many business locations. Everyone remembers the fun they’ve had while sliding down a slide. You’ll find that there are many types of commercial playground slides to choose from. Considering that, you might find it wise to contact a representative from a company offering commercial playground slides. In turn, this enables you to find out which types of slides you could potentially have installed at the location of your business.
  3. Benches

    While a bench might seem like an odd inclusion within this list, it’s important to think about what others will be doing while their children play. Considering that, it’s wise to purchase a few benches to allow for comfortable seating for the parents visiting your business. In addition, benches allow parents to keep a close eye on their children while they have fun.
  4. Sandboxes

    One of the most popular pieces of equipment at any playground is the sandbox. You likely remember memories of spending fun times inside of one of these structures. With that in mind, you can bring that same joy to children by including a commercial sandbox within your facilities. That being said, sand can get messy which means that this will be a viable playground option for only certain locations.

In conclusion, there are many types of commercial playground equipment to consider. No matter which types of equipment you choose, it’s important to have these items for children to have fun with. Statistics show that kids currently play outside for about four hours per week which is nearly 50% less than the average time their parents would spend outdoors as children. Whether it’s commercial playground slides or swings, having this equipment available will help ensure both parents and children have a great time.

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