Drug Addiction 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Seeking Medical Help

Drug addiction is a serious problem in this country. It’s not a new epidemic, either, it’s been something that’s been going on for centuries. Some addictions, like alcohol addictions, have been going on for centuries and others; like adderall addictions, addictions, and oxycontin addictions, are much more recent but just as serious and potentially fatal. … [Read more…]

When You Want the Very Best–Choose Amish Custom-Made Quality Furniture

If you’re one of those individuals who appreciate fine, custom wood furniture, have you considered purchasing Amish furniture? it first gained notice and popularity during the 1920s, when it was recognized as a form of early American folk art. Since that time, both dealers and historians have acknowledged its beauty and quality. One of the … [Read more…]

Why People Don’t Donate 3 Common Reasons

Those of us who are blessed with families, jobs, food, clothing, and a roof over our heads don’t often spend a significant amount of time thinking about how we can help those less fortunate than us. Although 70% of the American population contributes to charitable organizations every year, the 30% who don’t could potentially make … [Read more…]

Choose Environmentally Safe and Friendly Pest Control

Do you envision yourself being a terminator bug killer with the latest and greatest terminator bug spray? Surprisingly, you are not alone. People tend to think they can take care of pest problems with do-it-yourself chemicals. Even outside, people try to use chemicals on pests that sting, for example, hornets, before realizing a better idea … [Read more…]

Three Tips to Handle the Terrible Twos

It’s an embarrassing moment. You’re out on errands to a grocery store with your two-year-old toddler and he or she has a tantrum. The topic of toddlers and tantrums is well-known, especially when the toddler is at the age of two, a developmental stage known as the “terrible twos.” While these tantrums can range from … [Read more…]