The New Nostalgic Nightwear That is Perfect for You

Adult onesie pajamas

We spend a good portion of our lives sleeping. It may not feel like it in the midst of your chaotic schedule when you are feeling particularly sleep deprived, but over a lifetime, the amount of time we spend hitting the hay really adds up. It is the time that we use to recharge from a long day and for the day ahead, so it makes sense that most people seek out the most comfortable thing to wear when they head to bed. The perfect level of comfort is different for everyone, so naturally there is a vast array of options when it comes to sleepwear. Whether you have a favorite old T-shirt, or prefer to don lingerie, mens footed pajamas, or nothing at all, you are entitled to wearing exactly what you want and what best helps you drift into the dream world.

Wear womens or mens footed pajamas for your comfort
When we first come into this world, we spend about 14 to 17 hours sleeping every single day. A newborn’s main duty is sleeping, so it makes sense that there is such a large market for adorable baby pajamas. Yes, they are of course marketed toward the adults who are doing the dressing of the baby, but naturally every parent wants to make sure that their child is warm and comfortable first and foremost, but who doesn’t love to see adorable pajamas on a peacefully sleeping baby? And then you have to consider: if babies, the professional sleepers of the world, are so happy in onesie footed pajamas, why can’t adult pajamas follow their example? Footed pajamas for adults seems like a reasonable next step.

Wear footed pajamas to reconnect with your inner child

While childrens onesie pajamas are considered more the norm, mens and womens footed pajamas have their place as well. Think about some of your favorite moments and memories from your childhood, and chances are some of them took place while you were comfortably clothed in onesie footed pajamas. Why can’t you recreate that nostalgic feeling as an adult? Today you can find just about anything, no matter how far from society’s norms they might be, and both womens and mens footed pajamas are no exception. It’s your life, your comfort, and your own memories to recreate or create anew, so toss out society’s standards and expectations. Live a little by reconnecting with the child who is still very much alive within you.

Make it your norm or make it a party
One poll showed that about 61% of those who responded do not have multiple options when it comes to nightwear to choose from when they are heading to bed. So it is no surprise that people tend to wear the same thing over and over, with men wearing the same pajamas for just about two weeks straight, and women donning the same nightwear for about 17 days before washing them. Giving yourself a few more options could never hurt. But even if onesie footed pajamas wouldn’t really be your choice of sleepwear, you have to admit that they could still be a fun accessory to have for other occasions. Whether you are heading to a themed party, looking for an interesting Halloween costume, or want to get a few laughs on Casual Friday in the office, having at least one pair of footed pajamas gives you more of a variety of options, to be sure.

There is something beautiful and empowering about stepping outside of the normal bounds of what society expects of you. While it is true that most people desire to fit in, at least on some level, there are times that being different is exactly the added flavor that your life is missing in that moment. And it doesn’t get much different than donning a pair of pajamas that society has decided is only for children. You only live once, why not live loud?

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