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5 Ways to Organize Your Home This Summer

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Many homes in the United States are filled with too many items, creating clutter. One study found that the average American home contains over 300,000 items. With that in mind, it’s understandable to want to reduce the amount of clutter in your home. As the weather warms up, you’ll likely want to come home to open spaces and not cluttered rooms. Considering that, here are five great ways to remove clutter from your home this summer.

  1. Keeping Vacations Souvenirs Safe
    Part of summer is often spent either thinking about or planning upcoming vacations. Considering that, you likely have many items around your home related to vacations from the past. Understandably, these items can sometimes find themselves scattered throughout your home. In order to avoid this problem, consider ordering home storage products to keep vacation souvenirs safe and secure. By ordering these items, you’ll automatically have spaces to store souvenirs from your next vacation.

How to use the In-Law Suite as your Own Craft Room

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The size of the American home has increased threefold since 1968, yet for all that space, studies show we’ll spend over 150 days of our lives looking for lost items. Try as we might to cull the home storage stores for the perfect organizer, but in reality, organizational methods can be inexpensive and draw on your own tastes and creativity. One of the best places to store art and craft supplies is an in-law suite, where your interior decoration will mostly be undisturbed and where husbands and kids are less likely to rummage through your things. Here are a few ways to convert your guest room into your own personal workroom.

Storage Cubes

Cubes and stacking boxes can be as different as we are, and you can visit your favorite home storage stores to get a feel for the ones that suit you best. You can find storage cubes that are unobtrusive and can slip under beds and in clos

Facts On Barnwood Tables for Sale

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As of right now, one of the hottest industries in the United States is the furniture industry. This is because there are people constantly looking for new furniture. These people may be moving into a new home or they may just be getting ready to renovate and make big changes to their current home. Now, without any further ado, here are all of the facts on barnwood tables for sale.
The furniture industry’s growth is consistently performing twice as well as the overall economy, growing at a rate of 6-7% each year. This is indicative of two important facts. First and foremost, this high growth rate means you will have access to great options when you shop for furniture. Plus, it also means that more and more people are believing in the furniture industry and the products they provide!
Savings from offshoring furniture manufacturing has been overestimated to as high as 30%. So whether you want wooden wardrobe, Continue Reading No Comments

The Facts About How to Get a Home Loan

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If you’re looking for a home, you’re probably already thinking about loans. What kind of home loan do you need? What is an FHA loan? Before you get started with your mortgage process, know that a September 2016 survey found that nearly 60% of homeowners who already have loans say they wish they better understood all the details of their mortgages. Don’t put yourself in that situation: know how the process works before you even begin, so you’re well-placed to understand the details later.

Go Shopping for the Best Loans

The mistake a lot of people make is looking for loans only after they’ve found the perfect home. It takes time to sift through all the possible offers and understand what interest rates will do, how closing costs work, and al

The Amazing History of American Living Habits

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From homes to apartments, renting to buying, gardening to pets, American has come a long way over the years. Things that our grandparents and parent would have considered unthinkable have become the norm, and the American dream is no longer just to own your own home. The rise of executive apartments, luxury condos, even apartment living amenities like a basketball court, hot tub, or playground have changed our perspective on how to have the good life. Here’s some of the biggest changes in American living habits over the last few decades.

  • More people are renting by choice. Renting used to be what you did because you were too poor, too young, too mobile, or too disorganized to have a “real home.” That attitude is becoming more and more obsolete

Understanding What a Mortgage Broker Does

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Are you considering your mortgage plan when it comes to your home or an investment property? Mortgage planning can be tricky, and nearly 60% of property owners say they wish they better understood the details of their mortgage. If you’re looking at an existing conventional mortgage, are a first time home buyer, are considering buying a vacation home, or are thinking about the future with an investment property, here’s everything you need to know about working with a mortgage broker.

What Is A Mortgage Broker?

This essentially a person who acts as a middleman between you and whomever you hope to secure a loan from for that investment property or new family home. They are licensed professionals who can do everything from gathering documents to helping you get a

Should I Add A New Garden Or A New Fence? Five Popular Hardscaping Choices For Homeowners

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Taking control of your home from the ground up is a very fulfilling feeling, indeed.

It’s why homeowners spend thousands of dollars on exterior renovations year in and year out in an attempt to get their home looking just a little closer to the dream house in their imaginations. It’s why outdoor pools, fruit gardens and stone walkways are rising in popularity these past few years. When you want to bring out the best in your home for everyone else to see? Hardscaping services are always ready to go. Learn how you can add value with landscaping and the benefits of gardening by reading the list below.

The world is your oyster.


A wonderful place to start is installing a brand-new garden. Whether it’s growing some vegetables for dinner or trying out some herbal tea recipes, gardening is a relaxing hobby that, quite literally, bears fruit. One study found over half of the homeowners choosing to upgrade their outdoor spaces spending six

A Look At Life In An Assisted Living Facility

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Making the choice to move into an assisted living facility can certainly be a difficult one. After all, many people, even if they would benefit from living in assisted living apartments, do not feel that they are ready to give up independent living. But the majority of elderly people over the age of sixty five fear more than anything else that they might someday become a burden to the loved ones in charge of their care. And moving into an assisted living facility can provide the solution to this – especially in cases of Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. And Alzheimer’s disease is all too common, one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States alone at number six. And of all the top leading causes of

How To Organize Your Home Crafting Space

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For those who engage in crafting activities, home storage furniture like closet organizers for sale are often essential. And crafting has grown in recent years, with more than sixty percent of all households in the United States alone participating in a crafting activity on a regular basis. This marks an increase from less than ten years ago in the year of 2010, when only just over fifty five percent of all households crafted regularly. With more than twenty million quilters alone, it is clear that crafting is on an upswing. There are many reasons to participate in crafting. First, it has been found to be effective at raising a person’s mood. In studies that focused on those with depression participating in a crafting activity, levels of dopamine were found to be raised after the crafting activity was completed. Study participants said that they noted an increase in their overall

The Top 3 Tips for Turning Your Crafting Hobby Into a Business

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Whether your passion is knitting, embroidery, or any other type of craft, it’s simpler than ever to transform your hobby into a thriving craft business. In fact, in a recent survey of 5,500 Etsy sellers in the U.S., 97% said they worked from home, and a significant 74% considered their Etsy shops to be businesses, not hobbies. With statistics like that, it’s clear to see that thousands of crafting enthusiasts across the country are breaking into the business world.
But what sets the best crafting businesses apart from the ones that aren’t as successful? Here’s a look at three of the things that successful online craft shops have in common:
Keep it simple, yet thoughtful
The best online craft shops are centered around what the owner does best. Keeping your selection focused allows you to sell the very best goods to your customers, and makes for seamless branding as well. Your niche might be custom-embroidered goods or hand-crafted enamel pins — whatever i