My Friend Needs to Get Up Out of His Old Basement

Nj short term rentals

George decided, finally, to move out of the house he grew up, but he needed to find some nice digs. So, he hit the internet and searched for stuff like “NJ furnished apartments for rent” or “New jersey furnished apartments for rent” or “NJ temporary housing” or “New jersey short term rentals in NJ” (I dunno about that last one but he did search for it believe you me).

He really needed to get out of the house of his parents. I mean, I was getting desperate for the poor guy. He needed his independence, a better space to stretch out, a better spot to bring people back to. There were so many reasons that he had to look up “Nj furnished apartments.”

Actually, now that I think about it, one of the funnier reasons that he had to look NJ furnished apartments was because he had no furniture, and a freelance graphic designer has no way of affording an apartment full of new furniture. No way.

So, if anyone knows of any good NJ furnished apartments, leave it in the comments so my poor buddy can get up out of the parents basement and get a real job and a girlfriend.


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