Photos are the Perfect Memorabilia of Quality Family Time!

Outdoor family photo

Taking family photos is a wonderful past time, and it really helps to remember all of the good times that you and your family have together! Family outings are a great way to spend time with your family, and spending quality time together is very important for your relationship with your spouse and especially with your children.

Quality time, sometimes referred to as QT, is defined as any amount of time spend to build a relationship by giving another person your undivided attention. It is actually a relatively new concept, as the advent of the phrase “quality time” came about in the 1970s. Appearing in the state of Maryland in January of 1973 was one of the earliest recorded uses of the phrase in a newspaper called The Capital, and previous to these early citations of the phrase, the concrete idea did not exist.

Did you know that in a survey of one thousand adults, more than three quarters of them stated that spending meaningful quality time with their spouse, family, or loved ones out ranks spending time relaxing? There are many different ways that you can do this, and many can cost little to no money, just a little bit of time. You can go to a park and have a picnic, which could result in some great outdoor family photos, or you can go to the movies, spend time together on the beach … The possibilities may be endless, but they won’t do you any good if you don’t start going out and spending time with your family!

It doesn’t matter if your family photo is taken indoors playing a board game, or you have outdoor family photos of a trip to an amusement part or a barbeque. If you go out and do something together with your family, you will strengthen your bond, and a family photo is a perfect way to remember it!

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