Think Personality When it Comes to Family Photos

Did you know that, in the late 19th century, photographing relatives, especially children, post-mortem was common practice? The pictures featured recently deceased infants or children, sometimes propped up next to their living mothers and siblings. The chilling photographs, sometimes the only memento of a child due to high infant mortality rates, give a whole new … [Read more…]

Your Family and Taking Outdoor Photos

Outdoor family photos can be some of the best loved photos of your family, especially if the photographer captures your family in action. Families who are active outdoors can hire family photo shots to be taken of them participating in outdoor activities so they can preserve their family fun days in a photo format. Just … [Read more…]

Have You Planned Your Next Family Photo?

Summertime is a special time of year for individuals of all ages. Children look forward to being off from school, and parents often enjoy long days of enjoying activities outside with their families. In addition, the prospect of a family vacation creates a great opportunity to capture new family photos, including outdoor family photos. An … [Read more…]