Master the Family Photo With These Three Pose Ideas

Family picture pose ideas

In 1823, the first person to capture a photograph was Joseph Niepce. Back then, photography was a science as much as an art, but today taking a photograph is as easy as breathing. In 1900, the Kodak Brownie only cost $1, and it brought photography as a more casual diversion to the masses in the United States.

Today, cameras are built into phones, music players, and computers, which fortunately makes it easy to take excellent quality photos with hardly any thought at all. In fact, it is so easy that photographs with just a touch of creativity can make for great gifts or for display in the home. For example, If you are considering making a family picture calendar, you could pull it off in just an afternoon, but you might need some pose ideas. Here are three family picture pose ideas.

Scary Family Picture

It does not have to be Halloween for costumes to get broken out of storage, though a scary family picture would make a great spread for October in your family picture calendar. Try a few where your entire family dresses up as their favorite scary people and creatures, and try a few where you coordinate. For example, a family of zombies, vampires, ghosts, or demons might be fun poses to create.

Awkward Family Picture

Sometimes also known as a “family picture fail,” awkward pictures of families are usually not intended. Therefore, try these family picture pose ideas to successfully create an awkward atmosphere, simply mix and match the following ideas.

  • Coordinate outfits
  • Everyone stands with hands on the shoulders of the person next to or in front of them
  • Choose 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s fashion
  • Smiles and eyes should be extra wide
  • Elementary school photo day backdrops
  • Hold your pets, if you have any

This photo would be good for any month of the year, but maybe March in particular since nothing terribly exciting happens in March.

Recreate a Photo

First, you will need to find an old picture which includes everyone in the family. It need not be a formal picture. Next, you will try to recreate the clothing, the setting, and the poses and expressions in that photo. This might be difficult if you can’t go back to the place where the picture was taken, but the closer the new photo is to the original, the better. What makes this photo extra charming is when everyone commits to recreating the scene exactly, from hairstyles, right down to expressions. This is a good photo for January, when you often think about your past and look to the future.

Did you know that the oldest photo, to anyone’s knowledge, was taken in Paris in 1838, and the subject of the photo is a man getting his shoes shined? By 1990, about 57 billion photos had been taken in the United States, every single year! Who could have predicted back then that “photo bombs,” and “awkward family photos” would be popular photography subjects less than 200 years after the first photograph was preserved. Try these family picture pose ideas, and capture a bit of your own personal history.

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