How-To Choosing the Theme for Your Wedding

Wedding planning is extremely exciting. There are so many things you get to choose to make your day as special as you could ever imagine. It’s really a day for you to show off your personal style and celebrate with your family and friends. Along with choosing a wedding venue and wedding reception venue, you … [Read more…]

Why So Many Veterans are Calling Texas Home

The state of Texas offers many wonderful housing options for veterans. Veterans sacrifice their family time, holidays, and personal lives to fight for the country. Veteran?s loans are the U.S. way of giving thanks. VA loans give veterans lower VA mortgage rates, reduced points, no closing cost requirements, and fewer restrictions on obtaining lending. The … [Read more…]

Can I Make Clothing Donations to the Red Cross?

About 70% of Americans make a donation each year, but are you one of them? Popular choices include Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Red Cross donations. While many people are familiar with making blood donations to the Red Cross, you can also make clothing donations as well. For those who are unable for one reason … [Read more…]

How Urgent Care And Emergency Rooms Are Combining To Create The Hybrid Model

Your health is an ongoing factor. At any given time everyone is dealing with minor to severe pain, from a headache that springs up in the morning from a lack of sleep to a flu caught while working in the office. When that pain starts to get too severe for over-the-counter medication? You may find … [Read more…]