How-To Choosing the Theme for Your Wedding

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Wedding planning is extremely exciting. There are so many things you get to choose to make your day as special as you could ever imagine. It’s really a day for you to show off your personal style and celebrate with your family and friends.

Along with choosing a wedding venue and wedding reception venue, you also get to choose your theme. Now, a theme is different from your color scheme, so keep that in mind. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing your theme. Here are some ideas.

What do You Picture Your Wedding to Look Like?

There are a few things to consider when thinking of what you visualize for your wedding. Do you want your guests to be dressed in black-tie outfits or are you looking for something a little more casual? Will everyone spend the night dancing at the reception hall? Do you see a sit-down dinner for the night or do you just want appetizers? These are some things to think about when making your wedding plans.

Will this be a Cultural Event?

Does your family have a rich culture that you’d want to incorporate into your big day? If there is, you can find a way to make sure your family’s history shines through. For instance, if there is a book that your family reads every month, you could use a passage from that book as a decoration for the hall.

Make a List

If you have a few ideas in mind of what you may want, write them down. From there, look at what you have and narrow them down to the two or three you like the most. It gives you the chance to really put things into perspective and lay everything out. This will also make things easier in terms of decisions of what to look for when planning your big day.

There’s so much to think about, but picking the main idea will allow you to grow your day from there. Trying to figure out what to look for in a wedding venue, a DJ, and food will be made easier once you decide on your theme.

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