Things to Know About Non-Profit Fundraisers

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Black tie gala, a silent auction, black tie ball. These are the most common tools for a non-profit fundraiser. But what are non-profit fundraisers and how do they differ from a private event?
Here is an answer to some common questions.

Why Are Fundraisers So Expensive

Of course fundraiser?s make no pretense about their function: they exist to raise money. But why are they so expensive? Couldn?t they just have a simpler less expensive fundraiser with fewer event rentals? That?s one way to bring costs down.
While it might be surprising, fundraising events represent a much smaller cost for a non-profit organization. Because of the laws surrounding non-profit business, much of their party supplies and event rentals are donated. Everything from rental chairs, tent rentals, items for silent auctions, even food can often be written off as an in-kind (or non-cash) donation.
This means that while a non-profit fundraiser will still involve the same hundreds of choices on decor, event rentals, and activities as private company or individual might experience while planning a wedding or an event, the price for the non-profit will be significantly reduced.

Why You Should Buy Tickets to Charity Events

Charity events can run a wide gamete of themes and types of occasion, but it is the honest intent of every event planner that the evening be a memorable experience. And since non-profit groups have fewer event rentals costs while party planning, it often means that they will be able to offer a better experience for less money than a private event would.
There is also the benefit of supporting your favorite local organization. Most of the money you spend will go towards allowing the organization to fulfill their mission statement more completely.
And if all of that isn?t enough, a portion of the ticket price to a non-profit event is usually tax deductible.

How Can I Make My Event a Non-Profit Fundraiser

The short answer, you can?t. In order to receive non-profit status, an organization must fulfill a very specific checklist and government registration. This process is both too labor intensive and time consuming to be advisable for a single event.

If you have a specific idea for an event, you can offer to sponsor or produce an event with a local non-profit, but that event must line up with that company?s mission. An organization dedicated to spreading awareness of a specific illness is not likely to organize a theatrical experience unless it somehow relates to that specific illness.

Non-profit fundraisers a great way to have an enjoyable evening while supporting a good cause.

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