Three Tips for Cleaning and Organizing a Shed or Garage

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, a couple of the most neglected spaces are sheds and garages. Having a garage or a shed is great for homeowners since they’re an extra space for storing things that you wouldn’t want in the home like large bulky items or dirty lawn care equipment; however, they can … [Read more…]

Five Tips for Owning Rental Property

If you are considering investing in rental property, you likely have a number of plans for picking a property, managing your future tenants and more. However, if you have no experience in owning rental property, you may find that you have a lot to learn before your investment becomes a success. For this reason, many … [Read more…]

Ithaca Discusses Tax Breaks to Increase Area’s Apartments

With an estimated 43,018,000 renter-occupied households in the United States, it isn’t a stretch to suggest that apartments are a common part of American life. Whether you’re looking for something that fits your budget, or simply find yourself needing more flexibility and ease than owning a house would allow, there is likely a unit and … [Read more…]