Three of the Weirdest Things Ever Found in a Storage Unit

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Self storage units are great for all those items you don’t have room for in your attic, garage, or basement, but still can’t bear to part with. You can load your old cars, old bikes, old toys, holiday decorations, or whatever else in there, and use the leftover space for whatever it is you need now.

The thing about these self storage unit rentals though is that they’re exactly that. They’re rentals. If you don’t pay your rental fee, your self storage unit and all that’s inside is going to get auctioned off. So if you were keeping a vintage, collectible car in there, oh well. It’s someone else’s now.

Of course, most auction hunters only get — for lack of a better word — junk. The type of stuff people don’t really mind parting with. However, sometimes auction hunters get lucky and find an antique or some item with a surprising value.

Then again, sometimes they find some pretty weird stuff. Here are a few of the strangest things ever found in self storage units.

Space Equipment.

Inside a self storage unit near Cape Canaveral was a NASA rocket and a countdown clock. Turns out the old equipment was stored after the space program that they were formerly used in was discontinued.

Unreleased Michael Jackson Tracks.

One of the best self storage finds ever has got to be from Joe Jackson’s old self storage unit. Inside were more than 270 unreleased tracks recorded by none other than his son Michael Jackson. They were made in between the singer’s record deals, so no one had a legal right to them.

James Bond’s Car.

For just $100, a Long Island man purchased an abandoned self storage unit, in which he found a big lump underneath a blankets. Turns out that that lump was a rather oddly customized Lotus Esprit S1. What made it odd wasn’t the fact that it didn’t have any wheels, but rather that it had moveable fins instead. Having never seen a James Bond movie, the treasure hunter wouldn’t have recognized the car for what it really was without a little help. The vehicle was the very same one from the 1977 move The Spy Who Loved Me, and had an estimated value of over $1 million.

But now we’re curious to hear from you. What weird or priceless thing do you keep in your storage units, if any? Feel free to share in the comments.

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