Eight Benefits to Making a Clothes Donation

Here are Eight Benefits to making a donation of used clothing: Making a charitable donation gives you incentive to go through your closets, your pantry and your cabinets The process helps you to clean and organize your spaces You have the chance to help those in need, particularly disabled veterans or wounded veterans charities Your … [Read more…]

My Relationship Is Falling Apart What Do I Do?

Are you and your significant other drifting apart as of late? Are you finding arguments and frustrating moments of silence cropping up more often than not? Are you even starting to question why you stay around in the first place? You might need to attend a psychotherapy session and lay everything out on the table … [Read more…]

How Donating Your Unwanted Clothes Can Help Military Families

There is certainly no lack of respect for veterans who have served in our nation’s military and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. However, what is lacking is job opportunities and financial stability for those veterans and their families once they return from deployment overseas. The unemployment rate for veterans is 2% higher than that … [Read more…]

Tips for Staying Safe While Finding Your Soulmate Online

When online dating became a thing in 1995, less than one in every five adults even used the Internet. Fast forward 20 years, it is now the most common way that single adults make romantic connections. According to a report published by USA today, one in every three marriages began through online dating sites. Nearly … [Read more…]

Keep Your Party Planning Stress to a Minimum Wtih a Rental Company

Starting to plan for a big event? As pretty much everyone who has tried to plan a big party knows, they can be a real headache to sort out logistically. From finding the venue, to getting adequate seating, the right amount of food and drink, and making sure that everyone is happy — it’s an … [Read more…]

Get Exactly the Look You Want — Ideas for Furnishing a Home

Furnishing a home is not an easy endeavor — there are a number of variable and factors to take into account, and things can get complicated really fast. On the surface, it is a matter of buying furniture and placing them around the house, but only with careful planning and meticulous decisions can you have … [Read more…]