How a Vent-Free Fireplace or Grill Can Improve Your Home

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A fireplace can make any home seem cozy. The thought of cold nights by a warm fire is appealing to most; others love the idea of sitting by a fire under the stars. For people who have a home without a fireplace, all is not lost just yet. The addition of a vent-free fireplace log set could create that cozy indoor setting. Where a vented fireplace log set uses the air from outside for combustion, these fireplaces by-pass the need for a flue.

When people hear about vent-free fireplace log sets, their first question is how does it work? The next question is, how can that be safe? In answer to how they work, these types of fireplaces use natural gas, propane, or electricity to ignite and indoor air for combustion. Because it is vent-less, some exhaust is released into the room, but these types of appliances are highly regulated by the federal government to comply with strict safety standards. Still, some states do outlaw the use of certain fuels. California, for example, does not allow natural gas fireplace logs. But a vent-free fireplace log set that runs on electricity would be fine, and they require only a 120v electrical outlet. Safety standards depend on the state, so check with yours when researching your options. .

But, perhaps surprisingly to some, not everyone is in love with the idea of an indoor fireplace. They would prefer to add a new gas grill or similar to their patio set. Maybe it is because 60% of grill owners say they use theirs year-round. Not surprisingly, 83% of Americans using theirs for the Fourth of July holiday, and 15% finding Thanksgiving an appropriate time to grill.

Even for households that have a grill, though, an outdoor fireplace adds ambience. And it certainly looks impressive if you ever decide to resell. Whether you prefer the indoor version or the outdoor, you now have control over whether or not to have a fireplace.

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