3 Things People That Grew Up With a Lake Lifestyle Know to be True

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Lakefront homes and land for sale are some of the most expensive pieces of real estate you’ll find. No matter what body of water it’s on there is bountiful opportunity for relaxation, fun, and a pretty great childhood if you grew up with a lake lifestyle.

Growing up on a lake means you were exposed to certain things in the same way that growing up in a desert climate, deep south, or Northwest all have their own unique aspects. About 48% retirees reported being happier in retirement than expected, according to a recent survey of MONEY readers. Chances are a lot of them feel this way because they’ve invested in lake property and are reliving their youthful lake lifestyle. Here are three common elements to know if you grew up with a lake lifestyle.

  1. Swimming Was Huge: If one of the main pastimes of your time growing up involved jumping into a body of water, you might be a lake kid. It didn’t matter if it was the freezing cold waters of early spring, refreshing dip on a hot summer day, or the last hurrah before the fall/winter season if there was free time you probably spent much if it in a lake.
  2. Always Had a Place to Chill: Even when you weren’t swimming you probably always had a place to hang out with friends, host family parties, and of course have a little unsupervised late night fun. Another one of the reasons a lot of retirees look for lakefront real estate is because they want to be happy and in good health. Approximately 81% of retirees cited good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. An active lake lifestyle means a greater chance of that happening.
  3. You Knew Someone With Money: Generally speaking you don’t get to enjoy a lake lifestyle without having, or knowing someone with, a little bit of money. In 2015, the median sales price of a non-distressed home was $136,000 and this number rises significantly when talking about lakefront property. If you spent a lot of time on a lake growing up, you probably knew someone that was pretty set financially.

Growing up on a lake can be one of the greatest experiences of a child’s life. Consider investing in lakefront real estate to give your child a lake lifestyle.

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