Eight Benefits to Making a Clothes Donation

Donations to veterans

Here are Eight Benefits to making a donation of used clothing:

  • Making a charitable donation gives you incentive to go through your closets, your pantry and your cabinets
  • The process helps you to clean and organize your spaces
  • You have the chance to help those in need, particularly disabled veterans or wounded veterans charities
  • Your donation may give someone else greater self confidence and provide comfort, warmth and pride of ownership
  • The donated clothing will help parents provide for their children
  • You can take tax deduction for the value of charitable donations
  • You will feel good about giving back or paying it forward especially to military, veterans and their families
  • Sharing used clothing and household through charitable donations protects the environment by keeping used those items out of the landfill

Many Americans have an abundance of clothing and household goods. On average and comparing to 20 years ago, the average American has at least twice as many pieces of clothing. Smart people want to make charitable clothing donations and household donations. Most household textiles and clothing, almost 100%, can be reused or recycled, even if the items are not top quality or in excellent condition. Items can be donated through purple heart clothing donations or other donation programs.

Donating is easy too. You can use clothing drop off sites or schedule a donation pick up. Donations can be made to wounded veterans charities or to purple heart clothing donations where items can be taken to a drop off center or picked up at the home of the donor. The donations provide benefits to the environment and to give back to those who have served or are serving our country.

It’s a good idea to check out the charity organizations prior to making donations of used clothing and household items. In order to get the tax exemption for the value of charitable donations, smart givers look for and support only those groups that have been granted tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS code also explains how to determine the value of tax write offs and when to donate clothes or household items to qualify for deductions. Many automated income tax programs provide the value for donated items. You can look up the item and indicate the quantity and condition of the donations to charity. For instance, a type of coffee maker may have a donation value of $4 to $15 to use as a deduction for charitable donations.

Reap the benefits of donating clothing to charitable organizations and save the environment. It is estimated that used clothing purchases saved 2.5 billion pounds of fabric from ending up in the landfill. By donating the clothes and items that you no longer use, you are helping families in need and helping military families.

Where do people donate household items and used clothing? At a donation center near you. Or you can arrange for a donation pickup. Charitable organizations and will pick up clothing donations. They will also pick up other household items that are being donated to purple heart clothing donations centers.

When seasons change is a popular time to go through your home to find those extra items no longer needed or no longer used. It?s easier to use the change in seasons as a measure of whether or not you still want or need a clothing item. One or two season climates provide an opportunity to consider if you have not worn or used an item in the previous six months or the previous season. If it has not been used or worn in that time, it?s time to let it go and donate it to purple heart clothing donations, disabled veterans or other used clothing donation centers and programs.

Protecting the environment is something that many people are interested in now to save the planet for the next generation. Many also are interested in providing for those in need, paying forward the benefits from those who have extra or unused items or clothing to those who are in need.

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