Have Clothing Donations? Here’s Why You Should Drop Them Off or Have Them Picked Up

Pick up clothing donations

Did you know that the United States produces approximately 30% of the world’s solid waste? On average, the entire country contributes about 11 billion tons of trash to landfills and other parts of the world, making our nation one of the leading polluters around the globe. A significant portion of that waste — about 12 to 13 million tons of it, in fact — comes from discarded clothing and textiles, most of which can be salvaged and reused.

However, there is one solution to this growing problem: donating clothing to charity organizations. Clothing donations serve multiple purposes in every community. They provide clothing for families and individuals in need, they can be sold in secondhand stores to benefit charity programs, and they can be recycled in order to curb land pollution. That’s great news for you, your fellow community members, and the globe!

While local events often help people donate seasonally or on specific occasions, there are two simple ways to donate year round: through clothing donation pick ups and clothing donation drop offs. Here’s more information about these two simple solutions for donating clothing to charity:

  • Clothing drop offs are typically available at a wide selection of local charities: from churches and shelters to thrift stores and area businesses. Donating to clothing drop offs also gives you the chance the receive a receipt for your generosity. By donating to charity and itemizing your deductions, you have the chance to save on your tax bill. It’s a win-win for you and your community.

  • Clothing donation pick ups, however, may provide more convenience for those with limited mobility or free time. Many charities will help you arrange for a pick up time and come to your home to haul items away. In addition to accepting clothing donations, many of these organizations also take household goods, such as furniture, small appliances, toys, and other reusable items.

Have more questions about how you can help out in your community through clothing donations? Search for charities in your area that take clothing donations. Leave a comment below.

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