Have Spare Clothing Laying Around? Consider Donating to Charity

Charity pick up

As horrible as it sounds, thousands of men, women, and children in the U.S. have reached the end of their luck and are out on the streets with nowhere to go. Worst yet, many of the less fortunate struggle to find suitable clothing. Especially in places with cold winters, the homeless and poverty-stricken who lack adequate clothing struggle to survive. No man, woman, or child in this country — in any country — should have to endure life without a shirt on their back.

Charitable donations of clothing is one things people across the U.S. can do to fight these terrible conditions. Nearly all of us have clothing we discard or never wear. For every shirt or pair of pants we throw away, there is a desperate person in need who could benefit from them. Clothing donations are pivotal for thousands of people — people who cannot help themselves and are out of any options.

Donating clothes may not seem like a pressing issue. However, a startling look at charitable donations reveals the necessity of everyone pitching in:

  • In 2013, corporate donors accounted for only 5% of all charitable donations.
  • That same year, 16% of all donations came from educational institutions and,
  • Individual donors accounted for a whopping 72% of all donations, and that was up by 4.2% from last year!

Unfortunately, the people and institutions that can afford to give the most chose not to, leaving average, middle-class people to make up the difference. Worst yet, nearly 90% of all discarded textiles and fabrics are recyclable and can easily be used for clothes for helping families in need.

So please, consider donating clothing to charity whenever you get a chance. There are a variety of charities and non-profit organizations to choose from. In fact, there are a lot of charities that will pick up donations from your doorstep! Whether it is one shirt or a pair of socks, donating clothing to charity will mean the world to thousands of people in true, genuine need of the kindness of strangers. Continue reading here.

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