Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Boat in the Wintertime

Rv storage unit

Finding a boat storage facility is actually the easiest part of keeping your boat clean and safe in the off-season. There are many self storage units that offer spaces large enough for boats, and with enough protection from the elements and adequate security to ensure your investment — and favorite vehicle — stays in top shape. The real work will go into the preparation your boat needs to undergo before you’re ready to store it. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Take One Last Trip for the Season

    On your last trip of the season, take note of all the tiny tasks that tend to pile up over the course of the year. Anything that’s torn, sticky, tarnished or cracked should all be fixed right away, since these problems are just likely to get worse while the boat sits.

  2. Don’t Skimp on the Cleaning

    The better a cleaning job you do now, the less likelihood you’ll have of coming back to a dirty and mildewy boat come spring. Ensure that you give yourself enough time that everything will dry thoroughly.

  3. Give the Engine Some Attention

    Topping off your gas tank is a good idea because it will prevent condensation while your boat is in storage. You should also flush your lines, change your engine oil and replace your filters. Give everything a visual once-over, the same way you would with your car, to ensure that belts, hoses and clamps are all in good condition.

  4. Remove All Electronics

    Remove any electronic components you can, since these don’t hold up well to the cold, and store them in a mild, dry place for the winter. Remember to take out your battery, too. This is a good time to give it a charge and check on its fluid levels.

  5. Wax and Cover Properly

    Once everything else is done, give your boat a coat of wax to prevent corrosion and protect it with a sturdy cover to keep out dust and grime. Now you’re ready to head to the boat storage facility. If you’ve taken all these steps, you’ll be ready to get out on the water as soon as spring comes around.

Have you ever stored your boat in a boat storage facility, or do you typically keep it in the driveway or yard? Share your reasons for either decision in the comments.

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