How to Donate Your Lightly Used Clothing to Charity

Donation pickup

Did you know that you may be throwing out clothing unnecessarily? Many people find that they quickly grow tired of the garments they own. Either trends have changed, or people simply think that the clothing is unusable. The truth, however, is that textiles are some of the most easily recyclable materials on the planet. Approximately 90% of lightly used clothing that gets thrown away could be donated to charity instead of heading to the landfill.

The goods news is that it is easy to give charitable clothing donations if you have them. Doing so also gives you the chance to clean out your closet if you haven’t already. But how, exactly, can you give to charity, you may wonder? Here are three tips you can use to give clothing donations:

    1. Make sure it’s clean and usable. Just because you are giving lightly used clothing only doesn’t mean that it’s ready for donation. You should wash clothing before donating to ensure that it is in good enough condition for another person. Before giving, be sure to check the garment for holes and rips. If anything doesn’t make the cut, see if you can find a recycling company to take it instead.

    2. Arrange for a drop-off or pickup. Donating clothing is easy thanks to the ways in which charities accept these generous gifts. You generally have two choices when it comes to clothing donations: you can drop them off yourself or have them picked up right at home. A drop-off gives you control over when the clothing is donated. Clothing donation pick-ups, however, can make the process of giving a bit easier, especially if you are unable to get to your local charity.

    3. Find out about tax deductions. One thing that makes it easy to help others is that you can also help yourself. Ask your local charity if you can receive a form for tax deductions. This will provide proof that you donated. From there, you can itemize your donations on your tax returns. A substantial donation can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in tax exemptions.

Charitable donations of lightly used clothing are essential for helping families in need. If you have items to donate, make sure to call your local charities to find out what they need. You can also schedule a time for a drop-off or pickup if needed. Have more questions about donating clothes to charity? Leave a comment below. See this link for more references.

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