You Don’t Have to Be an American Sniper to Give Back to the Veteran Community

Charitable clothing donations

Following the release of the Oscar-winning film American Sniper, a wave of patriotism swept across America, igniting a new wave of military support and feelings of patriotism. The film covers both the military career and personal story of Chris Kyle, a humble Navy SEAL hailing from Texas who is now known as the deadliest sniper in American history.

Kyle died not in combat, but on American soil at the hands of another veteran who was suffering from PTSD. His untimely death only served to further highlight his commitment to supporting veterans and helping military families.

However, you don’t have to be an American sniper in order to support military families and make veterans donations. There are plenty of ways to give back and show support for those who are or have served in the military. Here’s how.

Clothing donations

While veterans donations are appreciated, clothing donations are perhaps one of the most valuable kinds of charitable donations you can make. Not only does donating your gently used clothing help others, it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of fabric and textile waste that ends up in landfills. Did you know that the majority of clothes that are discarded could have been donated, reused or recycled? If you’re trying to figure out what’s best to donate, professional attire and warm clothing are always appreciated.


An excellent, hands-on way to get involved in your local veteran and military community is to volunteer at a veterans or military charity in your area. The possibilities are endless! You may want to work with veterans directly, or you may prefer something a little more behind the scenes, such as preparing a meal.

Food donations

While any and all forms of veterans donations are greatly appreciated — and needed — non-perishable food items are eagerly accepted all year round. These are an excellent way to make a difference in your community. During the summer, you may notice that some veteran charities host chicken dinners etc., providing a perfect opportunity to donate food or volunteer.

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