Things to Consider When Buying an Amish-Built Gazebo

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Gazebos are pretty much a staple of outdoor structures. They serve both a functional and an aesthetic purpose — for entertaining and to add interest to the outside of a home. Since the Amish are famous for creating handcrafted custom wooden structures, they’re becoming pretty popular for homeowners looking to add a gazebo to their yard. If you’re looking for a custom Amish gazebo, there are a few things you need to think about when you’re working with your gazebo builder on the design and manufacture of it.

1. The Purpose it’s Going to Serve
The first thing you need to think about, before you even start shopping for gazebos, is the purpose that the structure is going to serve, since this will affect a number of other decisions that will need to be made. Is the space mostly for looks or is it going to be used predominately as an outdoor entertaining space? Are you going to use it everyday or only on rare occasions? The size, materials, and style of the gazebo are all going to be dependent on these things.

2. Size, Shape, and Style
Once you know the purpose your gazebo is going to serve, it’s time to start sorting out the details. Gazebos are generally round structures, and the number of sides it’s going to have might depend on the size of it. If you’re looking to entertain in your gazebo — like throw outdoor dinner parties — you’re probably going to want a larger gazebo. This is also the time to decide the style of the gazebo, like a more simple or more intricate design depending on the look you’re going for.

3. What Materials Should Be Used
Custom gazebos are typically made completely from wood, which is the Amish style, but there are other materials you can think about using. This usually only applies when it comes to the roof, but you could opt to have a gazebo enclosed in a screen material. Metal roofs are a good option for people who live in cold weather areas that experience a lot of snow and ice, since there’s less of a risk of rot or weakening over time.

Do you have any other tips for buying a custom Amish gazebo? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. Research more like this.

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