Three Lessons You Can Learn From Spongebob’s Decorating Skills

Nautical barometer

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, and has some of the most tasteful nautical home decorations decking out his living room? Everyone’s — even adults’ — favorite cartoon sea animal, Spongebob Squarepants.

While few people would ever want to recreate the silly sponge’s pineapple bungalow in their own homes, it’s hard not to admit that Spongebob hasn’t nailed a proper nautical theme. In fact, you could get a lot of ideas just by checking out which nautical items he’s decorated his home with. Here are just a few!

Diving Helmets.

Of all the different nautical items in Spongebob’s home, the most dominant is his diving helmet TV. While no such item actually exists, it’s more than possible to purchase a replica diving helmet to decorate your home with. And just as Spongebob did, you can make it the centerpiece of your living room, distinguished amongst all the other nautical items you may be using to decorate.

Baits and Lures.

Above Spongebob’s couch is what looks like a massive fishing lure. Considering the fact that he’s only a small sponge, the lure’s size makes sense. In all actuality, it’s probably a normal-sized fishing lure when taking the proportions into consideration. While you could certainly try to find a massive fishing lure to hang on your wall as a gag, it makes more sense to get some colorful, vibrant fishing lures and nautical items you can frame and hang on the wall as an interesting sort of art piece.


Lastly, Spongebob also has a barrel in his house, which is probably the most pragmatic of all the nautical items he has decorating his home. Think about it. Not only could he — and you if purchase a barrel or two — use it to store things, but also as an end table that works with the nautical theme.

If you know of any other nautical decorations that might make Spongebob jealous, feel free to share in the comments.

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