Three Fun and Easy Ways to Donate Clothes to Local Charities

Charitable clothing donations

When it comes to giving back to your community, there is no easier way to do so than to give to charity. Most towns and cities have their own local organizations that are always looking for help in any way they can receive it. These groups, in turn, focus on helping families in need and other underserved populations. One of the most common ways that these charities seek help is by looking for people to donate clothes to the needy.

But when it comes to giving, many people aren’t sure where to begin, and they may feel uncomfortable simply showing up at a door with clothing donations. However, there are ways to donate clothes that can be easy and even fun for the community. Here are three simple ways to donate clothes to your local charities:

    1. Give directly to a secondhand shop run by your local charity organizations. Many charities run secondhand stores and use their proceeds to benefit people in need. These stores receive approximately 20% of all used clothing donations, and they even sometimes employ people who benefited from charitable donations previously. The best way to give is to clean out your closets and head over (and you can even get a tax break in some cases when you donate).

    2. Participate in a charity clothing pick up. Many charities run clothing pick ups that come right to your door to take clothing away. This is a simple way to donate, and all it requires after you gather your donations is making a phone call to schedule a pick up.

    3. Start a clothing drive. Finally, for those who are looking to bring their communities together, you can create a clothing drive to pool together your community’s donations. Some people choose to run these events through their churches and local school districts, but it’s possible to work directly with a local charity to make the drive a reality. This method of giving can even help you make connections in your town and city that you wouldn’t have before.

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