Three Great Reason to Give Charity Clothing Donations in Your Community

Donating clothing to charity

All across the country, the cold weather is starting to hit. Some cities are even experiencing record snowfalls, and it’s not even the holidays yet! Because the winter chill can reach into even the coziest of homes, it makes the season especially difficult for those without adequate shelter. Poor and homeless families especially can have trouble making it through the cold months without the right resources.

Fortunately, there are ways that they can receive help — and you can provide it. Many shelters and nonprofits look to charity clothing donations to help families stay protected in the winter. Donating clothing to charity is a fantastic way to help your community, the planet, and yourself. If you haven’t thought about donating clothing yet, reconsider with these three big advantages:

1. Charity clothing donations help others in your community. The need for used clothing donations is prevalent across all social services charities, from those dealing with families and children to those that help military families and wounded veterans. No matter where you’d like to give, you can be sure that your donations can go toward directly helping families in need.

2. Giving clothing to charity can save the planet. Unfortunately, not everyone donates or recycles clothing once they no longer have a use for a garment. As a result, approximately 12 to 13 million tons of clothing wind up in landfills each year, and only 5% of that is recovered despite the vast majority of it being salvageable. Donating to clothing isn’t just good for other people in your community. It helps the whole planet consume less and reuse goods that have already been created.

3. Donating clothing helps you out, too. Donating to charity is great for the planet and for your neighbors, but it also has benefits for you. For one thing, you get to clear out the clutter in your home, which can help simplify your wardrobe and your closet. Also, did you know that you may be able to itemize your clothing donations on your tax returns? This gives you the opportunity to save money on your tax bill at the end of the year.

Have more questions about how to donate clothing, or which types of charities to start with? Leave a comment below, and share how you donate to charity, too. Learn more at this link.

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