Spend More Hours Gaming In the Comfort of a Cool Bean Bag Chair1

Beanie bag

Remember when bean bag chairs first came out? While they may have seemed trendy at the time, comfy bean bag chairs continue to be loved by people of all ages. These cool bean bag chairs are an excellent place to sit or lounge while spending time with family and friends. They also create a comfortable place to watch movies or play video games.

Did you know that there are 155 million people that play video games in the United States on a regular basis? That’s what the last count showed. Many gamers will take turns playing at each others houses, too, which isn’t surprising. This is because four out of five households own a video game console, and quite a few probably own several.

You may be interested to know that ten percent of adults in this country describe themselves as “gamers.” On average, these individuals have played video games for 13 years, and tend to be 35 years of age. Nearly half, or 48% of these gamers, stated that they engaged in role-playing games. These interactive online games are great fun for creative individuals that like creating or following story lines and intricate plots. Given this, the average gamer spends about 6.5 hours a week engaging with these types of games.

Since there are so many game categories available, from action-adventure to simulations and beyond, there’s a good chance that gamers in general have their favorites. Many gamers, however, love to constantly challenge themselves and others by playing survival and sports-oriented games. Whatever games they like to play, serious gamers always keep their eyes peeled to new releases and the fun or challenges these promise to hold.

When you play video games, do you sprawl on the couch or sit in a desk chair? Why not add a few cool bean bag chairs to your gaming room, den, or living room instead? Just imagine how much more comfortable you’ll feel on a fuzzy or corduroy bean bag chair rather than the couch or the floor! Since these chairs come in a variety of materials and sizes, including extra large and giant, you’ll be able to find just the right ones for you and your gaming friends.

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