What Really Happens to Donated Clothing

Donate clothing

Donations keep charitable businesses going, and there are a variety of ways that you can choose to donate to your favorite charity. You can choose to give your time, money, blood or you can donate goods to your favorite charity. Almost three-quarters of people in the U.S. donate to charities each year, and close to 3% of their average income is donated each year. Donating clothing is the best option, compared with other options such as trashing unwanted clothing.


Sometimes when you schedule a red cross clothing pick up, your clothes donated are re-sold. Used clothing donations have many uses and reselling them is a popular use. The donated clothes are sent to thrift stores, for shoppers to purchase. Sometimes these stores offer bargains to others looking for clothes, and sometimes they offer low priced clothing options to families.

Given to those in Need

There are sometimes that clothing is needed immediately for a variety of reasons. Weather incidents, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earth quakes along with house fires can happen in the blink of an eye and when you least expect. The end result is not only a lost house or home, but lost possessions inside the house. This is where your red cross clothing donations come into play. When you donate clothes, some of them go directly to those in immediate need such as these instances. People seldom expect to find themselves in this position, but if they ever are in this position it is nice to know there is an organization that helps.


You may think that clothes donations are already considered recycling, and you are right but it goes further than that. When you schedule a red cross clothing pick up, some of your clothes are recycled so that the fabric can be used again to make blankets, rags, and yes even more clothes.

All donations that you make to charities are tax deductible. When you schedule a red cross clothing pick up you can rest assured knowing not only that you will get a tax deduction, but also that your donation is going to be used to help people in as many ways as possible.

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