Three Ways for an Office to Donate to the Red Cross

Red cross donation center

A company of any size can find it easy to setup charity initiatives. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a charitable event. The good news is that there are several ways to encourage employees to give to charity. In this post, you will learn three great ideas for an office to donate to the Red Cross.

  • Fundraising Events

    You may find that having workers donate clothing is the best option. Instead of having workers pay an entrance fee, have them each donate a gently used clothing item. It’s always encouraged for workers to bring more than one item for donation. A fundraising event is a great way to have your employees help charity while having a great time. One of the most popular fundraising efforts in the workplace is a walk for charity. You will want to contact the correct local offices to receive any permits needed to official organize an event.
  • Company Matching is Encouraged

    Company matching is promising to match any charitable donations made by employees. Workers will enjoy seeing how important charity is to your business. Many businesses choose to implement charity drives during holidays. One study finds that 70% of people give to at least one charity per year. Seeing that an employer will match donations is likely to encourage everyone in the office to give. It’s likely that employees will feel compelled to give something. Research shows that 3% of income in the United States is donated to charity each year. However, not all donations have to come in the form of money.
  • Pickup Options Make Donating Easy for Everyone

    You’ll commonly see used clothing donation containers utilized in stores across the nation. Your business can likely obtain something similar for collecting used clothing donations from your office. Red Cross clothing donations are utilized by companies all over the world. It’s understandable that spare time to drop off donations is hard to find. Utilizing Red Cross pickup services remove all charitable donations from a home or business. You’ll find that Red Cross pickup leaves you and your workers more time to focus on other tasks. Research by the EPA finds that people in the United States throw out nearly 10 pounds of clothing per person every year.

In closing, there are several ways your office can donate to charity. Fundraising events provide many options for charitable donations. One popular idea for a charitable event includes office walking pledge drives. If possible, company matching is a great way to encourage charitable giving. In addition, employees are likely to feel great about seeing your charitable efforts to match their donations. You might find that your company is pressed for time which makes dropping off donations difficult. Red Cross pickup service makes donating much easier than normal.

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