How Donating Clothes Can Help Spread The Holiday Cheer This Winter Season

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The holidays are coming back around. With it comes the traditional festive cheer of delicious dinners, family gatherings and covers of classic songs. For those with a little less, however, the winter season can instead bring feelings of stress and despondency. Your local Red Cross donation center is devoted to providing gently-used clothes to families and individuals who could use a helping hand as the year comes to a close. Helping spread a little holiday cheer isn’t hard to do. The very first step is as easy as digging around in your closet.

The National American Red Cross

You’re likely familiar with methods of donating to charity. In fact, it’s estimated as many as 70% of the American population donate every year. But what makes the American National Red Cross stand out? Still standing as the 13th largest American charity as ranked by private donations, this organization provides relief to families and communities across the country 365 days per year. Donating to charity these days has never been easier thanks to useful services like clothing pick up and increased awareness about what a single donation can provide a community.

Continue reading to learn more about your impact as well as the hidden benefit of clothing donations.

International Charities And Your Impact

Red Cross donations can go even further than you might imagine. An estimated 14 million tons of donated American textiles help keep families warm around the world. Even the clothes that are considered too worn or damaged to be worn can be easily reused through recycling programs. Cotton, wool and latex are just a few of the materials that can be put right back into your local economy to stimulate job growth and provide even more clothes for people to wear.

Donating is a compassionate and green way of doing your part to help others, both in your own backyard and around the world.

Clearing Out Unwanted Items In Your Home

There are personal benefits to be gleaned when you visit a Red Cross donation center. Clutter is notoriously bad for your mood and can contribute to feelings of helplessness, irritation and even depression. On the other hand, a clean and organized environment can help you concentrate and feel more chipper throughout the day. If you’re not sure which clothes to throw out, follow these easy steps. Which ones do you wear more than once during the week and which ones haven’t you worn in two or three months? Do you live in a lively climate or one with barely two seasons?

These can help you part with that jacket a friend gave you or that sweater you bought on sale a little more easily.

How To Inspire Others To Participate In Used Clothing Donations

Spread some joy this holiday season by making sure everyone has something to enjoy. Over 60% of high net worth donors cite ‘giving back to their community’ as their biggest reason for giving, though there are plenty of other benefits that can help you spread the word. Your donation to a selected charity is considered tax deductible for the value of the items you’re giving away. Just remember to keep your receipt so you can be as accurate as possible when it’s time to do your taxes. An estimated 3% of collective American income is given to charities on a yearly basis. While you can donate clothes to any charity, your American Red Cross donation center is a good place to start.

How will you do your part to make this holiday season the best one yet?
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