3 Ways Your Bedding Will Put You To Sleep

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It might surprise you to learn that 42% of adults in the United States sleep less than seven hours every night. There are plenty of reasons for this, but one approach to remedying your rough sleep habits might be found in your bedding. Your sheets might be old and worn from nightly use, or they could possibly just be made from a fabric you don?t find comfortable. If you find yourself uncomfortable in bed, it stands to reason that your sleep quality could suffer. To help discover what will cradle you to sleep, here are five cozy types of bedding to consider.

  1. Sheets: On your bed, you almost certainly have a sheet covering your mattress, but what type of fabric is it? Some of the most common sheets are made from cotton or from a cotton polyester blend. This is generally quite comfortable, especially when made of organic and no polyester. This is because cotton is quite fluffy and soft to the touch, while polyester is smoother, creating a slightly clingy sensation. Some sheets are made of linen, a light fabric best suited for summer months, and some are made from wool, a much heavier fabric that keeps you warm through the winter. Keep in mind that linen is notoriously wrinkly, and the coarser wool sheets can be quite scratchy.

  2. Blankets:Picking out new blankets might seem simple at first, but you have so many options, and they each serve a very specific purpose. A comforter is cushy, fluffy, and often filled with goose or duck down, but there are other hypoallergenic options. Quilts can be a mishmash of many different fabrics and colors that are sewn together as patches, usually onto a solid piece of fabric on the back. They can be fairly warm but are much lighter than comforters. Other blankets that can improve your bed are fleece throws or close-knit afghans.

  3. Mattress Pads: One of the most underrated types of bedding is also the most convenient way to turn a stiff, uncomfortable old mattress into a bed you never want to leave. Mattress pads are made out of regular foam in various densities, feathers, air, and sometimes even sand! The most widely sought after, however, is memory foam. Instead of spending hundreds on a new mattress, a memory foam mattress pad will transform your sleep space for much less.

    No matter what types of bedding you prefer, updating your sleep space will certainly provide much-needed comfort in this increasingly sleepless world.

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