5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Prep School

Many parents want their children to receive as much of an education as possible. In fact, statistics show that nearly 95% of students graduating from non parochial private high schools attend further education. Unfortunately, only 49% of public high school graduates will make this same decision. As a parent, it’s understandable to find that statistic a bit concerning. Therefore, it’s wise to consider thinking about prep school for your child. Considering that, here are five important advantages of having your child attend prep school.

  • An Environment Focusing on Parental Involvement

    It’s important for parents to be involved at where their children attend school. Therefore, you’ll want to find an educational environment that involves parents. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to find in most public school environments. However, this isn’t the case in most private schools. These schools place an emphasis on having parents involved in their children’s educational endeavors.
  • Looks Great on College Applications

    Many high school students feel overwhelmed at the thought of sending in college applications. Therefore, it’s wise to do everything possible to ensure your child’s application stands out from the rest. Considering that, one of the main advantages of preparatory schools is that they prepare children for college. Many prestigious universities only want students who are adequately prepared. Therefore, listing prep school attendance on college applications looks great to admissions workers. For certain universities, prep school attendance is a requirement.
  • Smaller Sized Classes

    Another advantage of prep schools is their small classroom sizes. In public schools across America, student numbers are spiraling out of control. This leaves schools no choice but to cram classrooms full. In turn, this limits an educator’s ability to closely focus on each student. This leads to all sorts of problems including lower grades and increased apathy from students. In fact, statistics show that 21% of those teaching public school students felt that apathy was a problem. On the other hand, only 4% of private school teachers felt that apathy was an issue.
  • The Inclusion of Extracurricular Courses

    While it’s understandable to ensure your child receives a quality education, don’t forget about the importance of extracurricular activities. Attending these courses allows your child to build strong friendships with other students. In addition, these courses show college recruiters that your child has received a well rounded education.
  • Additional College Related Assistance from Counselors

    The best schools help ensure your child has assistance from counselors at all times. Being a teenager often feels stressful, meaning these individuals often need someone to talk to. In certain situations, this stress comes from worrying about attending college. This is an incredibly important concern for private school counselors. Statistics show that counselors from private schools spend about 55% of their time counseling students about college related matters. Public school counselors spend about 22% of their day having these same discussions.

In conclusion, there are many benefits associated with attending prep school. As children grow up, parents want them to have the best possible education. Many parents feel that prep schools allow their children to be adequately prepared to attend college. If you’re wanting your child to have this same type of preparation, consider the advantages of prep school attendance.

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