Clear Signs of a Good Pre-K Program for Your Child

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While pre-k is often confused with day care and child care early childhood programs, they are obviously not the same, at least not according to their philosophies and curriculum approach. Most child care settings serve as a substitutionary care for children who their parents or guardians are away for various reasons, most common been work-related. On the other hand, pre-k’s offer skill nurturing, academic training among other social development activities.

Best pre-k programs are designed to offer a holistic approach that tackles the overall growth and development of a child. These programs often comprise of emotional, physical, social as well as cognitive development that makes up an all-round human being. Now that you’ve understood what pre-k is and their difference to day cares, wouldn’t it be nice to know what exactly to look for in these pre-k’s before enrolling you child into one.

The following pointers will help you choose the best pre-k program for your child’s academic development and prepare them for best schools in the future.

1. Your child’s safety is paramount
Assuming you’ve identified the best pre-k for your child. The next important thing to do is to evaluate the safety and security situation in that particular school. You might want to look at things like fire preparedness, security cameras, the emergency exists and the safety condition of playgrounds. By doing this, you are able to understand the kind of environment you are subjecting your child to, hence you can be at peace knowing you child is in safe hands. Apart from the obvious safety concerns you might have, it’s also important to observe if there are any physical hazards that could cause harm to children, not just yours. While at that, get to know the hygiene level in that pre-k institution to avoid infections and other illness.

2. What’s the student-to-teacher ratio like
Pre-K programs are designed to prepare you child into preschools equipping them with enough skills to cope with more advanced school education systems. However, pre-k is not a guarantee that your child will excel in other levels of education as there are other factors involved. You child attention and retention skills are nurtured best if there is direct interaction with the teacher. So, it’s vital to find out whether there is enough teaching and supporting staff to handle your child different needs. The student-teacher ratio is very important.

4. How do children interact with their teachers?
You can learn this from the onset when you enter the institution. Are the teachers or school directors welcoming enough? How do they handle your questions and are you satisfied with they way they treat you? These questions will help you make a decision on whether to enroll your child in that system or not. Normally. if you as a parent feels welcomed, chances are your child will feel the same why. In addition, the way kids interact with each other will also tell you a lot about that pre-k setting. Ideally, you’d want to see your child happy as it directly impacts his or her social skills.

5. Curriculum and Philosophies
Top pre-k schools adopt flexible and interactive programs that stimulate children to participate and learn. Although different institutions have distinct approaches to teach children, it’s important to know how they conduct their circle time and worksheets. Since your 4-year old child is still growing and they have a strong urge to experiment many things, they shouldn’t be left dormant sitting down for long periods. At this tender age, your child motor skills need to be exercised frequently to ensure you child grasp and understand concepts much faster. Does the pre-k program allow them to listen to music or sing? Through music, children get to memorize things much faster.

In conclusion, studies show that children who go through kindergarten preschools do 21% better on math and reading tests than peers who do not. So you see how important a preschool is to your child. There are many best pre-k and top preschools available for your child, you just have to identify your priorities and preferences.

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