5 Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

When it comes to choosing your home’s interior style, it’s possible to get overwhelmed from the number of options at your disposal. The history of interior designs has come a long way, and its best told using some of the interior styles which have dominated over the years. Here are five different and most popular interior design styles you should know.

1.Modern Design
This is one of the frequently used interior designs after contemporary style. The mid-century modern features iconic pieces, and clean lines with minimal fuss characterize it. In this style functionality precedes form, and it has minimal ornamentation.

To achieve a modern style, you need to blend different elements from other styles to ensure your home looks fresh. The secret here is to have a sense of simplicity when shopping for furniture and fixtures. Nothing is overboard when it comes to this particular interior look.

2.Transitional Design
Also referred to as the hybrid style, this interior house design combines some aspects of both traditional and contemporary designs. Here, most furniture and fixtures are made using steel or glass with cleaner lines finishing. Silk rugs and plush fabrics are common in completing this interior design.

For a beautiful layered look, consider adding tuxedo sofas, consoles tables, and curated artworks as centrepieces or wall decorations. With such pieces, you are certain to add warmth and elegance to your living spaces.

3.Traditional Design
This is another commonly used interior house style and it often features quintessential English furniture design. Most of the traditional design furniture is made using dark, finished wood with a range of textures and curved lines.

4.Rustic Design
Rustic design is beautiful but comes with unrefined elements giving it a natural look. This style is inspired by rough stone and wood. It is naturalness combined with accentuated roughness to give a natural house ambience. Everything including texture and colors is related to nature. In the past, it used to be too dark and heavy, but the modern rustic style feels comfortable and warm. It has added lights and rugs that change its look while maintaining the rustic style

Interior designs are many; these are just a few of them. You choose what you love most because it will determine how your home looks and feel. Go for what makes you feel at home and peaceful.

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