5 Upgrades and Improvements Local Parks Should Consider When Renovating

It seems more and more local parks and playgrounds are becoming neglected in favor of computers, phones and TVs. Kids still love to play, though. You just need to keep them excited, and we’ve compiled 5 ways local playgrounds can upgrade to get kids back, running and playing, and the parks full again.

1. Accessibility is Key

Historically, parks have been designed and constructed without accounting for folks with disabilities. It’s the responsibility of the person in charge of implementing the parks that playgrounds be made for all kids. Wheelchair swings, for example, make swinging an inclusive activity. Handicap accessible playgrounds are likely to draw more kids in based on accessibility alone.

2. Dog Parks

A sectioned-off dog park with a larger park can be an excellent way to bring families into the park along with their pets. Installing things like dog agility equipment kits can be fun and a good conversation started. Dog parks are excellent additions to a local community, because how could we not include man’s best friend? For those interested in how it would boost the appeal of their park and improve their community: fostering connections between people with shared interests (in this case: dogs) is an excellent way to build relationships with each other within our communities. Though the idea of installing dog agility equipment kits into your local park may seem ridiculous, it’s not really ridiculous at all when you think about the positive effect a dog park can have.

3. Skate Park

Skateboarding remains a popular pastime for many young people, which is rare in the age of the smartphone. The problem with skateboarding is that it’s often discriminated against. Providing young people with a safe place to congregate and skate is a great way to encourage more outdoor activity. It’s also a sign of respect from the adults of the town to the youth, and that’s always a boost they could use.

4. More Equipment

Unfortunately, many parks are woefully under-budgeted and under-supplied. This directly can translate into the loss of park attendees, as out-of-date or an altogether lack of equipment can drive kids away from the park. Purchasing used school playground equipment is one solution to this problem, as it’s a cheaper way to add new structures to your local park.

5. A Community Garden

With healthy living on the minds of many Americans, gardening is just as popular as ever. A community garden is a great way to invite people from the neighborhood to participate in a communal activity with real positive benefits for the community. Community gardening is fun and healthy for both mind and body, as well as being extremely inexpensive to get started!

What did you think of our tips? Have any ideas of your own you’d like to share? Would you considering adding any dog agility equipment kits to your local park? Add to the conversation in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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