What You Should Know When Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your windows is a simple process that should take the least of your time. But this is only possible if you know the right techniques and have the correct tools and solutions demonstrated in this YouTube video. This brief article will help you learn how to clean all the parts of your windows.

Before you start cleaning, you will need to make the cleaning solution first. Mix the same amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle for small glass surfaces.

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But for larger window cleaning, you can have the solution in a large container and add dishwashing solution.

You will need a microfiber cloth for small windows and a squeegee for larger windows cleaning. Clean using the same technique from top to bottom. You can vacuum them first for door and window tracks, then clean them with a sink brush.

As for removing mold and mildew, spray a borax and vinegar solution, let it sit, then scrub using a toothbrush. Rinse and wipe, or allow to dry and spray mold treatment to reduce its occurrence. You can repeat this every month to keep the area clean.

Get professionals to do the cleaning of windows in high-rise buildings.

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