How to Install an Epoxy Floor

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Epoxy floors are a common flooring option used in many homes. It provides a smooth and aesthetically pleasing look with practical benefits such as durability and ease of maintenance. This video shows how two contractors install an epoxy floor to a garage.

The first step is to spray water onto the floor to identify locations where grease and oil from an automobile may be. The grease and oil will cause problems for an installation from the beginning and need to be taken care of right away. Identify the areas with grease and use a de-greaser with a scrub to remove it.

When the floor is degreased, the contractors get to work acid etching it. This process requires substantial protective equipment, including rubber boots, rubber gloves, and eye protection. The acid gives a thorough clean to create a blank slate for the epoxy material to stick to.

The epoxy solution is mixed together after the acid is washed and vacuumed away. You don’t want to mix more than you will need within the next two hours because the epoxy will set after this time.

The epoxy is left to set overnight, and in the morning you can check to see if another coat is needed. For more information, check out the link above.

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