Choosing the Best Water Filter

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While the tap water in your house is completely safe to drink, some people feel better with additional filters. A water filter can remove any lingering contaminants and improve the taste of your tap water. This video shows the different types of water filters you can choose.

The first type is a handheld pitcher. The filter sits below the lid of the pitcher where you pour the ware in. They are easy to use and inexpensive. The only problem is that the carrying capacity is limited, and you may need to refill the pitcher multiple times in one day.

The next type of filter is installed onto the faucet head. A switch on the side of the filter allows you to choose whether to let out unfiltered tap water or filtered water. This lets you maintain the filter for longer as you aren’t using it unnecessarily while washing the dishes or your hands.

The third filter is actually multiple filters in one unit. It’s installed beneath the sink and has excellent cleaning capabilities. The filters are easy to change once the appliance is connected to the plumbing pipes. For more information about the different choices you have for water filters, check out the video in the link above.

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