Why Do Some People Put Children Up for Adoption? Real Stories from Birth Parents

Deciding to put child up for adoption can be one of the most challenging decisions a birth parent must make.

The circumstances that force a parent to make this decision can vary, but often it is done with a parent’s best intentions at heart.

Not everyone can plan for a pregnancy.

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Single mothers who already have children are placed in a tough spot when pregnant, and many people are faced with their own morality when deciding on other options.

Finances, life plans, and social stability can get in the way. Birth parents may know that their child would have a better life somewhere away from them. Getting children away from abusive homes as fast as possible is a priority for many mothers.

On the other hand, birth parents know that if they cannot be emotionally involved when raising their child, they shouldn’t raise a child.

Children pick up a lot when they are young, even when they are newborns. Growing up is a long process, and being aware of what you can provide and the influence you give off to your children is something to consider when giving a child away for adoption.

True love is at the core of every adoption decision.

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