What to Ask Your Landscaping Company For

In this video, Bobby K shares a tip that every landscaping company needs to master to evade the drab sameness of uninspired scenery. That tip is color. Adding color to a garden changes its ambiance; for example, warm colors will add a dash of pizazz and excitement to the atmosphere, while darker, cooler colors create a sense of calm and spaciousness.

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It is its ability to transform any space that makes color a necessary tool for any landscaping company. For instance, muting the colors around a garden ornament makes it stand out, while aligning a walkway with bright, vivid colors has the effect of ‘lighting’ up the path, especially if the middle part is muted.

With these color ideas, one can set the tone for a particular space. Blue, grey, and purple are some of the less vibrant colors that create a calm ambiance. Red, yellow, and orange will instantly liven up a space.

And the best part is that unlike the indoors, which can get overwhelmed, the outdoors can take a lot more color and be more vibrant without appearing garish. That means a lot more possibilities for creativity!.

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