This Mixture Could Double Your Roofs Life

Roofers have a little known secret. It is possible to double the life of your current roof with one single procedure. Make sure to ask your local roofer about acrylic polymer sprays.

Video Source

This spray has been known to greatly increase the lifespan of shingle roofs by anchoring the roof and providing it additional support. Watch this video to see how even a normal shingle roof can withstand a hurricane.

In the video, the polymer is sprayed onto a roof prior to a hurricane. The mixture glues everything together and seals up any holes. This makes the roof more water and wind resistant. This should theoretically work on any shingle roof. The greatest weakness of shingles is the durability. However, this mixture solves this problem. It turns shingles from a affordable option to a durable option. In fact, shingles treated with acrylic polymer spray were tested in a wind tunnel to determine exactly how strong they are. The results came back that such shingles were able to withstand 130 mile per hour wind without damage in the wind tunnel. That is truly incredible. It is no wonder that such a mixture can drastically extend the life of your roofing.


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