Preparation and Setting the Scene: Family Photoshoots This Upcoming Holiday Season

Family photoshoots are one of the most cherished family traditions, especially because of how it helps preserve memories. According to Market Splash, an average family has over 3000 photos and videos in their collection. However, sometimes you want professional family pictures that can be printed and displayed in the house. Discover the intricate details of planning for a family photo shoot, including how to pick a location and creative ideas you can use.

Getting Your Family Ready

Getting perfect family pictures requires some adequate planning. You want to ensure the photographer takes your most authentic self and best-looking smile. Planning ensures you get everything in place before the photoshoot day. Learn five practical tips for preparing your family for a photoshoot.

1. Schedule a Dental Checkup

Photoshoots are all about smiling and being joyful, which is why you want your best smile. Yet sometimes, family members may be shy about smiling, especially in front of a camera, because of a dental issue such as misaligned teeth or stubborn spots that won’t go. Scheduling a dental checkup before your family photo shoot is a great way to get those smiles confident and ready. Your family can get cosmetic procedures such as dental cleaning and other helpful information.

Besides looking pretty for photoshoots, dental checkups are essential for maintaining good oral health. For instance, a dentist can discover a cavity in its early stages if you go for a checkup. They may also recommend visiting an orthodontist to add braces, which could correct the wrong bite. Besides, you get to use your dental insurance that could have otherwise remained unused.

2. Plan for School and Work Commitments

Getting a day for photoshoots may require more planning, considering work and school commitments. Even if you schedule it when the schools are closed, you still have work obligations to consider. Remember that planning for a photoshoot is more than the time at the site – it’s also the time you use for preparing and commuting. You can look for daycare to help you as you get other things sorted before the photoshoot.

A good tip is to start planning for the photoshoot early to make accommodations for other commitments. The goal is to make your family pictures look enticing, relaxed, and happy. That won’t happen when you’re all anxious to finish the shoot as soon as possible. Start working with the photographer early to know their expectations. It’s best to schedule the shoot when the kids are not in school, and your work has slowed.

3. Pick Out Your Outfits

While your family will likely have photos in ordinary outfits, you can get your pictures to pop more by picking specific outfits beforehand. The point is not to get matching clothes for everyone but to coordinate looks. For instance, you can choose a three-color palette and try different textures and patterns. Have the photo backdrop in mind to coordinate your outfits and the setting.

Color coordinating helps create visual harmony, which makes your photos aesthetically pleasing. When you coordinate looks instead of matching looks, you create a cohesive look that shows you value family units without compromising individuality. Besides, coordinating outfits put the focus on the family members and not on distracting elements. So, ensure you pick the clothes beforehand and have them cleaned and pressed to look fresh and feel comfortable.

4. Get Your Family Groomed

Looks go beyond choosing clothes and having the perfect smile – it also includes your hair, nails, and overall body hygiene. Schedule a grooming session to get haircuts and hair styling. The faces are the focal point in every picture, so prioritize grooming practices that leave the face gleaming fresh. Encourage everyone to get on their skincare routine a few days before the photoshoots to get that plump skin.

Grooming also goes beyond the looks to how we feel inside. Ideally, the family should be excited about the photoshoot as it nears. If you have some members who are camera shy, you can have fun mock-ups using your phone to get them prepared. Resting and hydrating are also important for preventing a weary look and black eye circles. Ultimately, the best grooming is wearing confidence like a crown.

5. Get Everyone a Meal

According to Hallmark Photography, a family photoshoot will take about 60 to 90 minutes. That’s only the time you use during the session, without accounting for preparation and commute time. Financial planning for family pictures should include meals to ensure everyone is not grumpy during the photo shoot. You may have to travel to the location if you have scheduled a sunrise or sunset photoshoot.

Packing snacks is a great way to provide much-needed energy to your young ones without cooking or stopping by a restaurant. Besides, hunger often leads to mood swings and irritability. Eating beforehand gives everyone the stamina to stand for long periods without throwing a fuss. You can also plan a pre-shoot meal by organizing it with the photographer. It could be a great time to allow everyone to indulge.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Preparing for your family photoshoot is one thing, but choosing the perfect location is the ultimate way to create striking family pictures. A beautiful location can enhance the aesthetics of your photos by providing a magical backdrop. Locations can also hold emotional significance, especially if they hold meaning for the family. So, as you look for photography printing services, ask if they can help you find a location you’ll love.

1. Consider Autumnal Foliage

Fall brings vibrant colors of leaves that create the perfect canvas of shades of red, orange, and green. These warm, earthy tones create visual interest, which is striking to the eyes. Autumn foliage complements the holiday mood and thus sets an inviting atmosphere. Incorporating autumn foliage in your photos gives them a stunning background that’s hard to ignore. It also gives you options of locations from a pumpkin farm to apple picking.

When picking autumn foliage as a key characteristic of the photoshoot location, remember that timing is key. Schedule your photoshoot when the foliage is at its prime, which will likely fall around mid-October. Select scenic locations such as parks, forests, and tree-lined streets.

2. Make Winter Wonderland the Backdrop

Another aspect you can use to filter locations is outdoor backgrounds. Winter offers a great chance to make winter wonderland the backdrop of your photos. The glistening snow, frosted trees, and icicles create a breathtaking, whimsical, and magical backdrop. If you’re doing the photo shoot in the late evenings, you can decorate with neon signs to create a contrast and add a unique modern twist.

Consult with the photographer early on about the location because they’ll need to set up their equipment. It may be chilly outside, so you should factor in your outfits when selecting a location. A good strategy is ensuring your style and theme match the outdoors while leaving you comfortable and warm. Invest in good wheels also because the snowy roads may be slippery.

3. Ensure the Location is Accessible

Even though a location could be awesome in every way, you may not enjoy your photoshoot if it’s inaccessible or difficult to access. For instance, if you want to take family pictures in snowy terrain, it may be challenging to ferry young kids. Instead of giving up on the location altogether, consider compromising by finding a middle ground. You can hire a used car that can maneuver challenging terrain.

However, terrain is not the only factor to consider for accessibility. Is the property a restricted ground? Some government authorities prohibit photography in some locations for reasons such as privacy and security. Check with your photographer before settling on a location because some have restrictions. Also, check that your budget matches the location fees to prevent overspending beyond your budget.

4. Choose Less Crowded Places

A photoshoot in a popular spot may be exciting, but you may not get the best shots. Your family may already be anxious about being in the public eye. Navigating to a scene you’ll love may make the whole process tiresome, especially if you have young kids. For instance, the world-famous Eiffel Tower received a whopping 5.85 million visitors in 2022, according to Statista. That’s why it’s recommended to look for less crowded places. For instance, you can go to a local country club.

A less populated place gives you much room to try new angles. You can set up equipment and experiment until you get the shots that satisfy you. Besides, your family will be more comfortable because they don’t have all eyes on them. They can be themselves, be goofy, and authentic in the shots. If a location holds so much meaning to you, but it’s typically crowded, opt to come during off-peak hours.

Family Picture Ideas

Once you have settled on a location and are ready, you should fine-tune your family picture ideas. Most professional photographers already have some angles and shots they do for similar events, but having your vision will guide the process. Discover three excellent ideas for your family shoot this coming holidays.

1. Go for a Christmas-Themed Photoshoot

A Christmas-themed photoshoot is one of the best ideas for family pictures for the coming holidays. You can go for a festive coordinated matching outfit such as a green and red color palette. For location, set a scene with a Christmas tree or decorated farm. Encourage everyone to display warm and joyful expressions that capture the season’s mood. Opt for settings with natural light for that warm and inviting atmosphere.

Many families have a tradition of doing photoshoots during Christmas. Choosing a Christmas-themed shoot helps you tap into this tradition to create magnificent pieces that evoke nostalgia and good memories. Christmas may also be the only time you can simultaneously get everyone in one place. Such a shared moment can strengthen your family bonding and make you warm to each other.

2. Consider a Classic Family Portrait

You can also go for a classic family portrait—a traditional and timeless photo that captures your family’s essence. Classic portraits never go out of style and can be passed through generations. They’re also a good option for family members who are not too excited about elaborate photoshoots because of their familiarity. Besides, these portraits are superb for wall art, albums, and even greeting cards.

Unlike a Christmas-themed photoshoot, classic portraits are better with a plain or neutral background, such as a plain wall or scenic outdoors. You can choose snowy terrain as the backdrop, but ensure no visual distractions like fallen twigs. You can also choose to stand in front of your family care. Have the car prepared in advance by mobile auto detailing companies. Ultimately, it’s genuine smiles that truly show you’re one family.

3. Plan for Sunset or Sunrise Hours for Natural Lighting

Another exciting idea for family pictures is planning your photoshoot for sunset or sunrise hours. Your photographer will guide you on the best time to schedule the shoot based on local weather. Sunset and sunrise hours provide warm golden lighting, creating a beautiful ambiance for enhancing skin tones. Planning your shoot around the harsh midday sun can mess up the photos because people will be squinting.

To make the most of this golden magic, arrive early at the photoshoot scene to get comfortable with the settings and get dressed. If you arrive too late, the magic will be gone, and you may have to schedule your photoshoot for another date. Your photographer should map the location and map angles because the magical golden hour changes quickly. So, get that car wash early and drive to the scene before it fades away.

To bring it all together, family photoshoots can be an exciting time to create lasting memories that remain etched in your mind forever. However, planning for perfect family pictures is not an easy task. Yet if you can prepare adequately, your whole family will get to enjoy and give their best smiles. Preparation ranges from having a sufficient budget and looking good to choosing fantastic scenes. Please continue exploring our website for more everyday tips.

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