Important Things to Know About Well Pumps

Artificial well pumps are a basic need in many households. Their role is to ensure that water keeps flowing in the taps. To keep them working for many years, several steps can be taken.

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The first is to document all the important information about the well in a place that can be easily reached. Most preferably, the top of the control box. Write the mode, the depth set, and the date of installation. This information could prove invaluable years down the line when the pump needs repair. Secondly, do not misplace the owner’s manual keep it in a safe place where it can be assessed when needed years down the line.

Thirdly, check your pressure pump and gauge. It is the best indicator of whether you are running at the optimal pressure at any moment. Next is to keep checking the pressure pump at least once a year. Ensure that it is 2-3 units above the optimal pump pressure.

You must be proactive about your pump. It’s important to know about it and how it works. This helps you hold accountable any maintenance technician you call. Keep your well pumps well maintained, and have them checked often. Lastly, have your water tested often you want to ensure that your pump is pumping water that is safe for human consumption.


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