How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space

On the YouTube channel PARADISERESTORED one of their videos called “Think Outdoor Living Not Landscaping”, they discuss how to design your backyard living space. When you search for ideas, they suggest you do not use landscaping as your keyword but outdoor living space, the new modern word for outdoor design. They show you how to transform an ordinary outdoor living space into something special. Modern outdoor living spaces should have features that make you want to go outdoors, have friends and family over, and create a pleasant experience.

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It might have water features, an outdoor kitchen with grills, a stove, bar, tables and decorations, gardens, a fire pit, and a play area for your young or older children.

An outdoor living space should have a purpose and you should plan it carefully. It might need a structure or cover where people can gather without dealing with the weather. You might want to design an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, design a playground for your children in the backyard, a sports court, or put green for older children. Water features and specialty gardens can be part of the design to create a special place to go to retreat from the world. In this video, they show you how they transformed an ordinary backyard into a unique backyard living space.

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