How Much Do You Know About Metal Shingles?

Metal shingles are a product of stamped metal shingles. Vertical seam metal roofing runs continuous lengths from the bottom of the roof to the peak. Metal shingles are modular panels, smaller panels of the same size and appear in a staggered version on the roof.

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The Benefits of Metal Shingles:

(i) Durable
Metal roofing is quite durable and can last between 25 to 50 years if the roof has been installed properly by a professional roofer.

(ii) Lighter
Metal roofing is quite light when compared to other traditional types of roofs such as concrete tiles. Therefore, they are easy to install and you can buy light building materials and save money.

(iii) Easy to Install
Metal roof shingles come in small sizes, lengths, and widths and this makes them easy to handle.

(iv) Shedding Snow
Metal roofing shingles are the best type of roof for people living in areas that experience heavy snow and lots of rain. The metal sheet surface is hard and slippery, thus snow or rain will just drip off the roof.

If you are planning to replace your roof, you need to consider metal shingles and cut down your monthly energy expenses.

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