Do I Need Self Defense Carry Insurance?

In this YouTube video, Warrior Poet Society looks at the concept of self defense insurance coverage. Some firearm owners may want to consider such coverage but will also want to examine their options thoroughly.

Even if a person has a justifiable shooting while in the act of self-defense, a person can bankrupt themselves attempting to prove their innocence in a court of law.

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While it may feel overwhelming to think about one more insurance policy in today’s landscape, thankfully, there are many kinds of self-carry insurance policies to examine.

Some policies allow people to choose their own attorney, the amount of coverage they want, and other particulars they might feel cover their situation. For example, a person who carries their firearm whenever possible may want different coverage types than someone who only periodically shoots at a firing range. Alternately, other gun owners may wish to obtain a policy covering them during competitive shoots or covering only shootings during home invasions.

Each policy comes with its own provisions, limits, and exclusions. A person considering this type of insurance coverage should carefully read the fine print and consult with a knowledgeable attorney if they have any questions.

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