5 Tips for Buying the Best Shed for You

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If you are looking at quality sheds to put in your back yard, you’ll know that there are so many to chose from. There are custom sheds, cedar sheds, different shapes, sizes, colors and materials that you can pick from. However, the most important part of installing a shed is to make sure that it is good quality. Here are some tips for making sure that a shed is up to standard, once you’ve had it built or if you are going to buy it ready made.

Quality sheds come in different sizes. You have to determine what you are going to be keeping in there. You also have to compare it to how much space you have in the area of the yard where you want it to go. If you are trying to fit your new shed in a small space, make sure that you have the precise measurements. A supplier may not quote you the roof overhang when you ask for measurements as a standard procedure. Good sized quality sheds are usually about six feet by eight feet. This will allow you room to store things as well as having the space for a work bench inside if you need that.

Buying a cheap shed will only become a frustration over time. The roof will eventually sag, the sides will get warped and the door will have difficulty shutting properly which means you probably won’t be able to lock it after awhile. When you are looking at a shed, jump on the floor and push the sides of the shed. There should zero flexibility and only firm resistance. Also, take a look at any timbers that are supporting the roof. If they have darkened knots, these have been known to fall out.

You want to make sure that your shed is going to last for a long time. You’ll know this by the warranty that they offer. If it’s only a year, you might want to look into another shed. The warranty will usually give you an idea of how long they expect the shed to go before it encounters problems. A warranty tries to stop short of that so that the company won’t be responsible for the repairs. Look into online reviews for the particular shed you are considering in order to find out how durable and strong they are when the winds and rain hit.

A quality shed to allow people to come in and out with hitting their head, getting splinters or tripping over the doorway. You’ll want to also make sure that the doorway is wide enough in order to allow for bringing in larger items. Poor access will limit the things that you can bring inside as well as the people that can come in. If you like a certain shed but it has poor access, you may be able to widen the doorway or install a double door or higher eaves.

One of the main problems with wooden sheds is that they leak and rot due to rain running down the walls and not properly drying. You want the roof of the shed to over hang the sides enough so that the water can run off the edge and hit the ground rather than the walls of the shed. A weather bar is usually a good idea to have over the door as well. Lastly, make sure that sill are sloping to allow for rainwater run off. This will make sure that the inside of the shed is protected along with the items inside. Also, don’t by a shed with gaps. If any light can get through, so can water.

All of these things are very important in high quality sheds. It doesn’t matter whether you need a shed to store garden tools or machinery, the point is that whatever is inside the shed is going to be kept in good condition, safe from the elements like rain and wind and from thieves and prying eyes. A shed is also a great place to work on Christmas and birthday presents for the little ones since it will likely to be off limits to them anyway because of the dangerous tools and things that it houses.

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