Which Type of Wood Suits Your Furniture Personality?

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Thinking about new outdoor furniture, storage, or gazebos for your home but aren’t sure what kind of style you’re looking for? They say you can tell a lot about a person from the furniture they own, and any outdoor additions will become a part of that profile, especially as the weather warms up this summer. Out of 2,000 consumers who participated in a recent survey, over 72% confirmed that their choice of furniture should be seen as a reflection of their personality.

If you have new outdoor wooden furniture in mind but can’t decide what type might work best for you, take this personality profile to see what kind of wood you should start chopping!

I like a work space that’s…

A. Neutral and inviting
B. Warm and cozy
C. Charming and rustic
D. Dark and moody
E. Simple and elegant

My favorite type of pie is…

A. Apple
B. Cherry
C. Banana cream
D. Chocolate cream
E. Maple walnut

Gazebos are best for…

A. Summer shelter from the sun
B. Spring shelter from the rain
C. A mid-day picnic
D. A nighttime rendezvous
E. Writing poetry and people-watching

My ideal backyard contains…

A. Nothing but nature!
B. A bountiful garden and a garden shed
C. An equal mix of shade and sun
D. Dense woods
E. Lots of activities and a pool house!


Mostly A: Oak
Oak is classic and long-lasting. Its grainy finish gives it a timeless Arts and Crafts-style appeal, which is sure to complement any outdoor look.

Mostly B: Cherry
Cherry wood’s rich color gives it a beautiful, warm finish. It can be more for the trendy-minded, however, since its hue can fade with time and it’s known to be rather expensive.

Mostly C: Hickory
Hickory is rustic and romantic. If it were a lover, it’d be steadfast and true — known for its density and durability, hickory will see you through good times and bad.

Mostly D: Walnut
Walnut is strong and stable, working best with ornate, antique-style looks. Though the color can vary from pale to dark, that’s part of the element of surprise with this wood.

Mostly E: Maple
Maple is consistent in its grain and finish, but it’s also affordable and attractive. This makes it the life of the party, ready to withstand whatever curveballs might come its way.

Choosing wood for a new project is a big decision, since most of us expect our furniture to last for many years to come. For daytime shed storage or romantic gazebos, the accents and details or your outdoor home furnishings can have a great impact on the aesthetic of your entire home. Match your wood to your personality and each will help the other shine through.

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